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Noises That Mean Your Furnace Needs Service

Furnaces make many different noises for a variety of reasons, and most don’t indicate any problems with the unit. However, if you start hearing any of the noises we discuss below, it could mean that it’s time to make a call for furnace maintenance.
If you hear thuds or booms coming from your furnace, they are most likely caused by ducts expanding and contracting. But one possibility is that the burners are too dirty and are struggling to ignite. Still another possibility is a defective gas valve causing delayed ignition.
The furnace blower wheel sometimes comes loose or moves out of alignment and produces loud, very noticeable noises. If you hear metal-on-metal scraping, it may mean the wheel came loose from its shaft and is pressing against the inside of the blower housing. This is potentially a serious problem that, if not addressed quickly, will damage the motor. Scraping could also mean the wheel itself is broken. The worst-case scenario is that motor mounts have snapped and the motor and blower have both shifted and are stuck against the housing.
High-pitched whining and squealing can be traced to a few probable sources; belts that are loose, slipping or fraying: bearings in the motor shaft that need to be oiled: or a malfunctioning blower motor.
Finally, do not ignore strange, loud rumbling sounds from a gas or oil-fired furnace. This points to a serious problem with the burner apparatus.        
If you’re concerned about the sounds your furnace is making, contact Warm and Fuzzy as soon as possible! We service all makes and models, and we’re prepared to perform a comprehensive repair, no matter how large your problem is. Contact our office today at 885-8888!

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