Heating & Cooling

Save on Energy Costs With a New Heating & Air Conditioning System

An investment in a new heating and cooling system is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your home. Advances in technology have not only given you the ability to improve your home’s indoor climate, but have addressed the need for conservation and energy savings through ultra high-efficiency heating and air conditioning equipment.

At Warm & Fuzzy Home Heating & Cooling, we have responded to these innovations by providing heating and air conditioning systems that have revolutionized the way we maintain comfort in our homes.

How Our Process Works

Our focus is to marry the most advanced technology in heating and air conditioning with your needs and your budget. The first step is to schedule an in-home audit, during which a Warm & Fuzzy comfort specialist will:

  • Measure every space in your home.
  • Evaluate windows, doors, insulation, building leakage, and the home’s existing duct system.
  • Examine nagging hot spots and cold spots.
  • Explore any health concerns you or any member of your family has that can be addressed with a properly selected and accessorized system.

Equipment We Install

At Warm & Fuzzy, we feature Trane furnaces and air conditioning systems. A leader in the home comfort industry, Trane’s innovative product line offers some of the highest efficiency warm air furnaces and air conditioners available today. These include warm air furnaces up to 96.7% efficiency, and air conditioning equipment up to 19 SEER (seasonal energy efficiency rating), as well as quiet comfort, dependable performance, and affordability.

Hot Water Boilers Offer an Efficient Heat Source for Your Home

Many homes throughout Buffalo and Western New York use hot water boilers to provide heat for baseboard, radiator, and radiant heating systems. Boiler heat offers an effective and comfortable means of keeping your home warm during wintry weather.

But did you know that there have been dramatic advances in residential boiler technology over the past 10 to 15 years? The result is significant improvements in efficiency, safety, and dependability. 

A hot water boiler from Warm & Fuzzy can offer you and your family:

Seasonal efficiencies as high as 95%.
This means far less natural gas is used and you save money. In fact, the typical 20-year-old boiler has an average efficiency of 70%. If your current annual heating bill is $1,500, that means a new boiler could save you as much s $540 per year. And every year that the cost per unit of gas increases, the new 95% efficiency boiler will save you more.

Fuel economy. 
Outdoor temperature reset controls provide additional savings by adjusting the water supply temperature to outside temperature for best possible fuel economy.

Cleaner air. 
Sealed combustion draws fresh air directly from outside for combustion instead of from inside the home.

A “Green Friendly” heating option. 
New high efficiency boilers from Warm & Fuzzy reduce CO and NOx emissions (acid rain and smog components) by more than 30% and 50% respectively.

Low cost. 
When coupled with an indirect water heater, a high efficiency boiler from Warm & Fuzzy can provide an abundance of hot water for every household need at a very low cost.

Quiet comfort. 
A high efficiency boiler from Warm & Fuzzy is also compact, quiet, and lasts a lifetime.