Helping Buffalo Area Homeowners Maximize Comfort & Minimize Costs

Warm & Fuzzy Home Heating & Cooling is committed to exceeding your expectations. We have designed our residential heating, cooling, and ventilation (HVAC) services to: maximize your comfort, ensure your safety, and minimize your monthly utility costs.

Comfort: At Warm & Fuzzy, our indoor comfort systems deliver a consistent temperature, the proper humidity, and the appropriate quantity and quality of clean, fresh air – keeping you and your family comfortable year-round.

Safety: Since most heating systems burn natural gas or oil, an improperly functioning system poses a significant risk to your family. At Warm & Fuzzy, we offer inspections that not only keep your family safe, but also reduce the chance of breakdowns and extend the life of your HVAC equipment.

Cost: By providing ultra high-efficiency HVAC systems, Warm & Fuzzy can help reduce your monthly natural gas and electric bill while delivering superior comfort.

Warm & Fuzzy’s Home Heating & Cooling Services include:

  • Designing and installing HVAC systems for new homes.
  • Adding to or replacing existing HVAC systems with the latest technology.
  • Maintaining existing HVAC systems at peak performance.
  • Providing repair services, as well as routine safety checks for you heating, cooling, and hot water equipment.